How to Start A Makeup Artist Kit on A Budget

Tips on Getting Started !

The first step to becoming a Freelance Makeup Artist is buying products for your Makeup Kit. You may be thinking where do I start and what products should I buy? Start with the products you love to use on yourself! All products in your kit should be ones that you would use on yourself or recommend to your best friend.

Next think about the skin type, tones, and skin problems that you DON’T have and research products that have worked well for others. Everything in your kit should suit people with different skin types and skin tones. You want to be able to provide products for any client.

To begin, your kit does not need to have 10 different foundation brands, highlights or concealers. Start small! You are better off having 1 foundation brand in 5 different shades, then vice versa. As your clientele builds so will your kit!

Purchasing 3 in 1 makeup palettes are a great way to add variety and save money. For example, RCMA has a VK foundation palette with a variety of shades for $72 USD. This palette can be used for foundation, concealer and to contour.

Disinfecting products are also essential to any makeup kit. You should always have makeup remover wipes, mascara and lip wands, and disinfecting spray in your kit. These products can be found at your local dollar store or on Amazon.

Your Budget is extremely important in this process especially if you don’t have clients yet. The good news is that the drugstore has plenty of amazing products that can be used in your kit. Check out or Blog on 10 Drugstore Hidden Gems that can be added to your kit and save you 100s of dollars.

Products you need to have in your kit to start:

-Moisturizer -Primer -Foundation -Concealer -Eyeliner -Lashes -Mascara -Powder -Bronzer -Blush -Highlight -Setting spray -Eyeshadow

-Additional Tools


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